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2012Record-breaking growth at fh 21,996 people chose to sponsor a child with FH during 2012. This makes FH one of the fastest growing organizations globally for child sponsorship!

2,588,806 People served

When you partner with Food for the Hungry (FH) to help children, you serve each child’s entire community. For a child to realize his or her promise, the community must also reach its potential. Learn how FH staff helped an impoverished Ugandan community discover and use its resources and talents. Read More ›

960,240 children helped

Children in Africa, Asia and Latin America all
have common basic needs: nourishment, a strong family, to see and know Jesus, good education and more. See how your partnership helps FH address multiple aspects of a child’s life. Read More ›

537,148 families strengthened

The family is the foundation from which a child grows. Discover how FH helped Elena in Guatemala build stronger relationships with her family.
Read More ›

332,378 disaster survivors given aid

Disasters, natural or from war, continue to be prevalent worldwide. Your partnership is propelling FH to the front lines to save lives in the face of these complex and dangerous situations. Learn more. Read More ›

$120,542,156 used to overcome poverty

Read a detailed account of how FH puts your contributions to work to serve the most vulnerable worldwide. Read More ›