Bangladeshre-ordered priorities

Mintu is a teenage boy from Dewaniyabari, a small village in Bangladesh. He comes from a family of hard workers. His mother works in the home and is a member of a Food for the Hungry savings and loan group. Mintu’s father is a rickshaw driver. His two brothers and sister also work. Despite the way in which each family member was contributing to the family’s income, they still barely had enough to survive, much less to pay for Mintu’s education.

Gaining confidence from what FH taught her, Mintu’s mother, Rawshan, felt empowered to speak with her son’s employer about the importance of his education. The employer released Mintu from his work contract, and he returned to school. Mintu was overjoyed. Now, he has the opportunity to focus on school.

Mintu’s dream is to find a good job after finishing school and to help his family. “If someone has the willingness and the interest to do something good, God also shows interest in it and helps with his blessings,” Mintu says. “I am the living example of that.”


Troubled adolescent becomes family leader

Elena, a 12-year-old girl from Rio Azul, lives with her two younger sisters and her grandmother. A few years ago, Elena’s mother had to leave Rio Azul to find work. Elena was unmotivated and disobedient.

But Elena’s life changed completely when she became sponsored through Food for the Hungry. Through FH, Elena learned about God’s love and was deeply impacted by the teachings in the Bible. She asked her mother and sisters for their forgiveness.

Elena began teaching her younger sisters from the Bible and led them in prayer every day. Elena’s dream is to finish school and become a church leader, attorney or singer.

“I started going to the training and was impacted by the Word of God,” she says. “I learned not to treat my family members that way. I asked for their forgiveness. We are living well together now.”


Physical and spiritual healing

Joseph, a young boy from a small community in Uganda, was discovered to be HIV+, along with his mother Nighty. Nighty, a single mother of five, grew weaker each day. Afraid of stigma and social isolation, she lived in denial for three years. Joseph and his siblings had to stop attending school to take care of her and had no money for school fees.

Food for the Hungry staff intervened, and Joseph became a sponsored child. FH helped Joseph and his mother get access to medication that helps people living with HIV have strong and productive lives.

FH also provided Joseph with school fees, supplies and a uniform. Joseph was able to return to school. But the transformation didn’t end there. The local church stepped in to help Joseph and his family, and they received an even larger blessing – the family put their faith in Jesus. They now have a renewed sense of hope and joy in Christ.

“Honestly, I cannot hide my gratitude. Because of FH’s interventions, Joseph and his siblings are now studying very well [and we have seen] great improvement in the family’s spiritual values as they are getting committed to God day and night,” says Nighty.