For many of us, when we hear that a baby is being born into this world or watch a small child growing day-by-day—we sense the promise of life. Will she invent things like her father? Will he be a musician like his grandmother? Or maybe this child holds some undiscovered promise yet to be revealed.

Yet, as a Food for the Hungry (FH) partner, you know how people struggling with the pressures of poverty can overlook the promise of their child’s life. Grinding poverty, oppression and abuse can beat the spark of dreams out of parents, leaving them unable to discover the untapped potential in their children’s lives. For them, life is mostly a day-to-day struggle to survive. But the good news for the poor is that, in God’s economy, life is abundantly full of possibilities—and you are a part of bringing this hope alive in many hearts.

One of my favorite FH mottos is “helping children to reach their God-given potential.” Through your partnership with FH, parents and children are discovering their potential every single day.

As I look back on this past year, I am grateful beyond words to see that FH has helped multitudes of parents and children realize the promise of a child’s life in more communities than ever. At the start of the 2012 fiscal year, we were working in 3,017 communities. Today, as a result of your partnership, we serve in 3,467 communities. Thank you!

Further, FH experienced another year of tremendous growth and welcomed many new partners. In fact, FH has more partners involved in this work than at any other time in our history. Thank you for being a part of FH.

As we are called to equip communities to reach a stage of sustainable development and then phase out when that job is done, FH celebrated the fact that we were able to successfully exit 41 communities in 2012.

Indeed, children all over the world are full of promise. Because of your generosity, FH is able to help parents and children develop their potential. Thank you for walking with us. I hope the following report will encourage you to know that the promise of life can be and is being realized all over the world.


David Evans
U.S. President