lack of a uniform, supplies and fees

Schools are free in many places around the world. However, many children cannot attend school because they lack a school uniform, supplies and the ability to cover certain school fees. Because of generous and visionary partners like you, FH ensures that no children who are enrolled in the child sponsorship program are kept from going to school for these reasons.


Impoverished children have high rates of school absence due to sickness. FH gives parents and children guidance on proper hygiene and nutrition—both to fight and prevent sickness. FH also provides anti-parasite treatments for children, known as deworming medication. Deworming significantly increases the time children spend in school.

early marriage for girls

Unfortunately, early and forced (at times as young as age 10) marriage for girls, particularly in poor parts of Sub-Saharan Africa and Southeast Asia, put girls at extreme risk. Forced sexual relations, high-risk pregnancies and dropping out of school all result from early marriages. FH not only helps families grow in economic security to provide for their daughters, but also works with parents to discourage early marraiges and help them to see the dangers of it.

school is too far away

Children in the developing world walk to school—and when school is too far away, many children simply do not go. FH helps communities advocate for governments to build schools in local communities and also builds school facilities, in partnership with the school system, through gifts from partners like you.

household economic pressures

As was the case for Mintu, children around the world are kept out of school so they can help support their families. FH staff work with parents to help them understand that investing in education yields a more secure economic future for their child.