I am an African—a Kenyan to be specific. Over the past four years of working with Food for the Hungry, I’ve not only been able to live out a call to care for the poor, but I have been challenged. All of this has come from simply seeing people who sacrifice to love others.

visiting “forgotten” communities

I’ve visited many communities where FH works that are deep in the heart of east, central and southern Africa.

On my visits to these communities, I’ve met the people who most inspire me toward fighting poverty, giving more and being more dedicated. They are the FH staff, who work on the frontlines, at the community level.

meeting moses

In Kapchorwa, Uganda, I met Moses Ngirio, an FH coordinator. Kapchorwa is a beautiful area that is made up of sprawling hills, waterfalls and green plantations. Despite all its beauty, people there have struggled in poverty. Moses spoke to me about the key problems in the community before FH began working there in 2005. The community was facing serious threats related to heath, deforestation and feeding the entire population.

Education was also a big problem. There were very few schools and teachers.

hope in kapchorwa

In partnership with the community, FH has constructed a health unit that serves more than 3,000 residents. In addition, FH worked with the community to build a school that serves more than 600 children. FH distributed more than 300,000 seedlings to combat soil erosion and protect the soil’s fertility.

As I share this beautiful story, I also want to say that this was not an easy undertaking. This is where my inspiration comes in. It comes from people like Moses.

sending email from a hilltop

Being an extremely remote area, Moses and his team face all sorts of challenges daily. Vehicles break down when going from place to place. I’ve learned of FH staff who have spent the night in the bush when transportation breaks down. Simple things like hot water for a shower can hardly be taken for granted. Communication is another huge issue. When speaking with me, Moses pointed to a misty distance and said, “I walk two kilometers daily to the hill there to get a good internet connection so that I can send emails.”

This is a man who holds a university education and yet is willing to live in a place where he walks more than a mile a day just to send an email!