The people of the Philippines urgently need our help.

I bring you this serious need in my role as Director of Emergency Response for Food for the Hungry (FH).

Please help us, help them. They have suffered tragedy upon tragedy.

Barely a month ago, a massive 7.1-magnitude earthquake struck the island nation.

Now the massive typhoon Haiyan has struck the same country — killing perhaps 10,000 people. Approximately 700,000 have been displaced ... 11.3 million impacted.

As you read these words, people desperately need food and fresh water.

We rushed in immediately to provide aid to survivors and displaced families. We distributed food, canned goods, survival supplies. But we need to take in more — right now.

We need your help immediately.

Our workers are desperately asking for immediate help — more food, and more supplies — to help the survivors stay alive.

PLEASE HELP SAVE LIVES! I pray we'll be able to provide thousands of families with food and supplies within the next 30 days. But this will take $315,000. Every $50 given today will provide three families with food and other life-saving supplies for 1 month.

How much help could you give? Please don't delay. Be as generous as you can right now.

And please follow your gift with prayer. Pray for the survivors, and pray for our workers. The situation is still desperate. The need is overwhelming. Take action right now. Do it immediately. We've got to help them.

Thank you for your compassionate response. God bless you!

Serving together,

Peter Howard
Director of Emergency Response

P.S. We can hardly imagine what they're going through. Please help them today. Thank you again.

Your generous gift of $125, $75, or even $25, will help provide life-saving emergency food and supplies to the desperate families and children impacted by this historic storm.


Since November 8, survivors are searching through the rubble for food and water, and a safe place to rest. They desperately need your help today!

"Any help is appreciated…I received texts from other churches about their loss…
family members died or are missing. We need food, medicine and roofs.
We’ve had no power for three days now."

–Pastora Merly, FH contact from Northern Samar in the Philippines.

Please join Food for the Hungry (FH) in providing Filipinos with:

• Food
• Shelter
• Safe areas for children to play
• Love and support in Jesus’ name

Without our help, families and children will sleep another night hungry in cold, wet and unsafe places.

After losing all their belongings and homes, please bring the warmth of Christ’s love to them by providing them with shelter and food.

Will you please help typhoon survivors today with a generous, life-saving gift of $125, $75, or even $25?