Help Save Lives - Deadly Dengue Fever Outbreak

More than 50 people have died due to a deadly strain of dengue fever outbreak in Central America. Currently, more than 4,900 adults and children have been infected in the last two weeks in Nicaragua. The Nicaraguan government declared a red alert nationwide on October 25 to contain the epidemic and notified nearby nations.

A severe strain of dengue fever includes symptoms of hemorrhaging high fever, headaches and body aches. This is the most severe and life-threatening strain of this disease. As the death toll keeps rising daily and children are in jeopardy of losing their parents, Nicaraguans need our help. Food for the Hungry (FH) is mobilizing workers in three regions of Nicaragua: Somotillo, Chinandega and Nueva Segovia.

FH staff will provide medical equipment, treated bed nets, cleaning materials and fuel for fumigation of mosquitoes. FH will join the Nicaraguan government workers to destroy breeding sites of mosquitoes and spraying houses to combat the life-threatening disease.

FH is joining NicaSALUD to help educate parents on dengue fever prevention and treatment of family members and children. If the illness can be treated early, infected children and adults have a higher chance of survival. As this epidemic continues to take lives daily, we need your help save lives!

Help Nicaraguans by supporting FH's work to teach parents to identify,
prevent and treat dengue fever to increase the survival rate.