With World Food Day celebrated on October 16, it's a great month for you to take a stand to help the world's most vulnerable people. Right now, 870 million people are feeling sick and weak from chronic hunger globally. Hungry, malnourished children under age 5 are at high risk for death – with underdeveloped immune systems unable to fight diseases.

You can make a difference! Your gift of any size will help in the effort to end extreme poverty by the year 2030.

One of the many ways Food for the Hungry (FH) is ending hunger is to create sustainable food systems for people living in poverty.

One of those people was Maritza in Obraje, Nicaragua. She, her husband and five daughters went to bed hungry every night … until FH arrived with the backyard garden project.

FH partnered with NorthRidge Church of Plymouth Township, Mich., and began working with Maritza's community to improve the availability of food. Her husband's health left Maritza as the sole financial supporter of her family, but she didn't have the skills to earn money.

FH helped Maritza by giving her seeds, tools and an education on how to farm and market her produce. Now, she grows corn, squash, beans and more. What she doesn't use to feed her family, she sells in the market.

Maritza clears an area to expand her garden.

In the market, Maritza sells food to earn income.


She earns enough money to keep her girls in school, hoping they can one day secure jobs that allow them to live above the poverty line. Today, one of her daughters is working toward a career in computer systems.

The backyard garden project is just one way impoverished families around the world are learning sustainable ways to feed themselves every day. You can keep these projects funded by giving to FH today!


We know that for each dollar you give, you pray and sacrifice to help end world poverty. We are transparent in our financial practices, so you can see how your gifts are being used to help the poor.

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