Young Child Restored To Health

Young Child Restored To Health

As a young mother learns effective nutrition practices, her child flourishes with energy and life

From the time of his birth, Bungo had serious health problems, which included diarrhea, chest problems, malaria, and sporadic vomiting. These are not uncommon symptoms in the hard places around the world, especially Mozambique, an African country with one of the highest mortality rates in the world.

Mulinda, his mother, desperate to help Bungo, turned to witchdoctors for help.

"Witchdoctors were my last hope for the cure of my child."

But Food for the Hungry staff members intervened, convincing Mulinda that they could help. They checked Bungo into the hospital and started providing Mulinda with nutrient-enriched porridge to bring her body back to health. After addressing both of their short-term needs, Food for the Hungry worked with Mulinda to help her meet the needs of Bungo and her family. She participated in the Hearth enriched porridge program, which equipped her to make the highly nutritious porridge she had benefitted from.

Today, Bungo is no longer on the brink of starvation. Mulinda does not desperately turn to witchdoctors to care for her children. Instead, by God’s grace, Bungo is a healthy, active and energetic boy who eats porridge and other nutritious food his mother has learned to make.

Mulinda bursts with thankfulness as she exclaims:

“This program brought life back to my child.”

What we do

Training of health promoters and advocates to work in their communities and improve health practices.

Assistance and training in basic nutrition, hygiene, sanitation, diseases and prevention.

Provide home-based health checkups and medical treatment.

Reducing infant mortality and morbidity by providing feeding programs for malnourished children and facilitating training of mother care groups in best nutritional practices.

Mobilizing and training people in malaria prevention, facilitating access to mosquito nets and malaria treatment.

Distribution of deworming medicine to rid children and families of intestinal parasites.

Training of parents and students in improved nutritional practices.