Hope Tree

BRING hope TO children this Christmas WITH HOPE TREE

You and your church family have the power to bring hope to children all over the world this Christmas through Food for the Hungry’s Hope Tree. Order a Hope Tree Kit and receive a free download of our Advent Calendar ebook!

order your free hope tree box


How it works


Register for the event and get your FREE Hope Tree box from Food for the Hungry, filled with supplies and resources you’ll need to host a successful event.


Publicize the event through the provided digital resources to prepare your congregation’s heart for serving the vulnerable through child sponsorship.


Set up your tree in your lobby or high trafficked area. Decorate it with child sponsorship packets and other provided decorations.


Frequently Asked Questions

What is Hope Tree?

Hope Tree is a nation-wide Christmastime event in partnership with Food for the Hungry promotes and encourages your congregation to connect with children all over the world by offering them the life-changing gift of child sponsorship.

When is Hope Tree?

We’ve designated the day after Thanksgiving through Christmas as the official Hope Tree time in an effort to unify churches all across the country.

What does my church have to do in order to participate?

Participating in Hope Tree is easy! Here’s what’s involved:

  • Register for the event and receive your Hope Tree Box by clicking here
  • Decorate your tree with the provided child sponsorship packets and other decorations so others have the opportunity to bless a sponsored child
  • Make a short presentation to your church that gives them more information and invites them to sponsor a child during the event time
  • Use all the digital resources that Food for the Hungry provides including posters, videos and social media shareables to promote the event.

How do I get started?

Food for the Hungry is here to help you along the way by providing you resources and tools to make your event a success.

Here are the next steps:

  • Click here to register your event
  • Next you’ll receive a Hope Tree box from our team with everything you’ll need to make your event a success
  • Decorate your tree and promote your event

Why Child Sponsorship?

When you sponsor a child you not only walk with that child, but with their entire community. Through child sponsorship, Food for the Hungry can actively partner with churches, leaders, and families to build transformational relationships, usher justice, and renew communities so God’s purpose is revealed in each person we serve.

We seek to end ALL forms of human poverty by going into the hard places and closely walking with the world’s most vulnerable people. Children who are sponsored with Food for the Hungry are at the core of what drives community development.

Can you give me an example?

John lives in the Philippines. He was eight years old when he became a sponsored child with FH. His parents work hard, but still have a hard time providing for their three children. Now, at age 11 John attends school and other Bible classes. John is also learning to play the guitar with the help of a youth volunteer and he hopes to serve on the worship team at his church in the near future. See more of John’s story by clicking here. You can find many more stories just like John’s here.

Give your church the opportunity to live out the direct call of God from Micah 6:8: “What does the Lord require of you? To do justice, love mercy and walk humbly with God.”

We hope you’ll join us in furthering the message of hope through feeding the physical and spiritual needs of the world’s most vulnerable children.

Join us in the conversation by using #FHHopeTree on your social media platforms.

Still have questions? You can direct them Heidi Glynn at hglynn@fh.org or 1-800-248-6437.

What do sponsored children get?

When you sponsor a child with Food for the Hungry—that child and her community receives support and mentoring for improving access to nutritious food and clean water, better health care, improved education and more.

The cost of sponsorship is $35 a month, which is a little more than one dollar a day. But in addition to providing help with physical poverty—it's about sharing the love of Jesus. Through child sponsorship, your church members will write to a child living in poverty, inspiring hope for a brighter future with Christ's message of truth. The child will write back helping your congregation gain a better understanding of what it means to live in poverty. Your church will grow in mirroring God's compassion and heart for the poor.

Give your church an opportunity to
grow and give this christmas...


...and give hope to children
who live in poverty around the world.