Do you want to support impoverished women, so they can achieve their best around the world?

When you buy Nashelle's Be the Change necklaces - you'll be doing just that. All net proceeds will go to support Food for the Hungry's work for supporting the female entrepreneurs worldwide.

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Through Food for the Hungry programs, impoverished women are:

  • Farming in Rwanda
  • Making and selling candles and kitchen apparel in Guatemala
  • Operating sewing businesses in Bangladesh
  • Running chocolate businesses in Peru
  • Selling kitchen apparel in Bolivia

Women are earning more income and increasing their power and influence in communities. Be a part of real change by supporting women worldwide to become empowered and leave poverty behind!

Nashelle's Be the Change Necklaces

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About Nashelle

Since 2006, Nashelle Jewelry has been headquartered in Bend, Ore., with a team of 20 talented designers, jewelry makers and office personnel. Nashelle designers use recycled 14k gold fill and sterling silver materials, as well as natural gemstones. None of Nashelle designs are mass produced or outsourced. Every piece truly is handmade to order with love and intention.