Out with the Old

Out with the Old! Donate your used items to help the most vulnerable.

The New Year is the perfect time to clear out the old as you make room in your life, and your home, for what is to come in 2016.

90 percent of the world’s wealth is in material things.
The average household has about $7,000 worth of unused items.

Turn your old stuff into the resources that end poverty in the hard places. You can donate last year’s cell phone, your old car, jewelry that’s out of style, unused gift cards and even that old game console that you've already beaten. You might be surprised at the impact that your old stuff can make on vulnerable children, families and communities.

AND… Now thanks to a grant from USAID and other partners, your non-cash gift will be multiplied 22x!

That means your gift can go even further to bring more life-changing resources to the world’s most vulnerable people.

Here’s how:

  • Tell us a little bit about the item you’d like to donate
  • We’ll arrange for pickup or shipping
  • You receive a tax receipt for your donation

There are certain items that we are NOT able to accept at this time. These include: clothing, used furniture, costume jewelry (jewelry of value with real gems is accepted), video games, kitchenware and linens.

Donate Now!

Your old motorcycle = education

Your old laptop = medical care