Help Those Fleeing Aleppo and Violence

Aleppo is in a state of emergency following the ongoing humanitarian crisis and continued violence. Terrified residents are caught in the middle of the conflict. Civilians continue to flee out of Aleppo into neighboring areas and into neighboring countries.

We’re seeing a dramatic increase in people pouring out of these areas – children and families who are only escaping with what they can carry on their backs. They need our help right now.

We are working through a network of churches and other partners in Syria to meet emergency needs and help the ones who need it most.

All we need are the funds to help provide life-saving resources to the displaced people fleeing the violence in Aleppo RIGHT NOW. Your urgent donation will help:

•  Distribute food to the hungry
•  Create child-friendly spaces and protection for children
•  Prepare for ongoing cold weather with tarps, portable stoves and blankets

Your gift of $25, $50, or even $125 will help us rush aid to the most vulnerable suffering from the effects of this devastating conflict.

•  Your gift of $25 can buy books for a year to help a refugee child attend school!
•  Your gift of $50 can help pay for a child to attend a tent school for a month!
•  Your gift of $125 can provide supplementary food and hygiene items for a refugee family!


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