Typhoon Hagupit: Help Filipinos Now

The people of the Philippines urgently need our help.

Typhoon Hagupit hit Philippines on December 6, forcing people to flee their homes.

As you read these words, people are returning home but desperately need food and fresh water and other supplies.

Food for the Hungry is already at work providing for the needs of these families with food, water, shelter and other needed items. We need your help to continue delivering much needed emergency supplies.


Can you help us provide for these families? Be as generous as you can right now as your giving can make a big difference for families recovering from the shock of the storm.

And please follow your gift with prayer. Pray for these families and pray for our workers. The situation is overwhelming for these parents and their children. Please join us in generosity and prayer as your immediate help is critical.

Your generous gift of $50, $125, or even $250, will help provide emergency food and supplies to the homeless families and children.

Thank you for your compassionate response. God bless you!

Serving together,

Peter Howard
Director of Emergency Response