A child is waiting ... you can be his lifeline!

About $1 a day will change a child’s life!

A small commitment, just about $1 a day, can transform the life of a child in desperate need! Children like Gelgelu.

He lives in an impoverished community of Ethiopia — a nation where nearly 30 percent of the people live below the poverty level.When you give a monthly gift of just $35, you’ll help children like Gelgelu, get more nutritious food, clean drinking water, a better education and more.

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Maybe you’ve been thinking about it for a while ... sponsoring a child overseas ... giving the gift of healthy food, a better education, clean drinking water. Maybe you’ve even been part of child sponsorship programs before. If so, thank you.

Child sponsors are special people. They inspire hope in some of the most impoverished places on earth. Hope for a life without disease. Hope for an education. Hope that dreams can come true.

Your gift of $35 each month will enable Food for the Hungry to work alongside your child’s family and community to empower them to identify and overcome the challenges of everyday life.

You can choose a child in one or more of 16 countries around the world – hard places like Uganda, Mozambique, the Philippines and Haiti.

You’ll have the joy of knowing you’re touching the life of a child like Gelgelu, giving hope, every single day! Thank you!