I'm so glad you came to visit me! Do you like to give gifts?
I DO! It makes me feel good inside.

My friends around the world would LOVE to get a gift from you. This is a list of my favorite gifts that I know they would like to have for Christmas. After you pick a gift…send me a message at Wigglesworth@fh.org…and let me know what you gave them!

I don't want to feather my nest, but I'd say chickens are one of my favorite gifts. Chickens produce eggs. Eggs are good for eating. You'll be ruling the roost when you give chickens. Learn More.

Here is a gift that hops to it in helping poor families. Rabbit families keep growing. This means rabbits can be sold at the local stores. It gives parents money to get food for their children! Learn More.


Did you know little buggy worms can live in a tummy? This special medicine will kick the worms out, so a kid's tummy can have room for food. Learn More.

I love giving my friends Bibles! They can read stories about Jesus and learn about how much He loves them! Give a kid the Good News. Learn More.


Why do mushrooms get invited to all the parties? Because they are such fungis (fun-guys)! Vegetables can cause a lot of smiles. Give vegetable seeds so our friends can grow food! Learn More.

When do you know a banana wants to dance? When you see a banana shake! Giving food tree seedlings helps our friends grow bananas, mangos and other foods! Learn More.


Math is my favorite subject in school! What do you get when you multiply a ten dollar bill 22 times? $220! I love this gift, because whatever I give – it gets multiplied into a lot! Learn More.

If I have enough, I like to give this gift to help 1,000 children have room in their tummies for food. The special medicine tells buggy worms to leave their stomachs, so kids can be healthy! Learn More.


I like to get together with my friends to chip in to give a cow! Cows give good-tasting milk, so kids like you can have something delicious to drink! Learn More.

Sometimes I can't make up my mind. So when that happens, I like to give this gift. It's takes my gift and gives it to whoever needs it the most! Learn More.