Food for the Hungry (FH), our partners and the poor work together to develop food security through agriculture programs. The United Nations Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO) defines food security as the constant access to nutritious food for ensuring dietary health. Promoting food security is a holistic process with multiple approaches, includes training, use of agricultural experts and economic development.

Connecting to global markets

BURUNDI—coffee farmers were poor due to unproductive farming methods, overworked soil and erratic harvests. FH trained farmers to improve coffee bean quality and helped connect farmers to local and international markets. Now these farmers have a stable income to feed their families.

How we work

Working with farmers

FH and poor farmers identify agricultural problems, such as water access, weather conditions, soil, seeds and livestock health. FH experts research to find solutions.


FH experts teach farmers new planting techniques, pest control and irrigation for increased crop yields. Livestock thrive with improved care. Farmers get connected to marketplaces.

Food security

Farmers raise better crops and livestock. The result is more food and income. Poor farming communities become food secure and thriving producers for markets.