Churches in poor communities often lack resources to reach their community. Many church leaders face communities that believe in curses, witchdoctors and other false beliefs that lead to poverty. Food for the Hungry works with these churches to reach their community and help them overcome poverty. Church leaders are trained and supported by FH staff to start children’s ministries and assist their communities.

Reaching a voodoo community

HAITI—In Cachiman, FH supported this pastor in starting a church. The community was well-known for voodoo leaders and practices. FH staff partnered with the pastor to make home visits and start a children’s ministry. Now, 150 members attend the church.

How we work

Supporting pastors

FH helps pastors be a part of transforming their community. Pastors are trained in outreach and supported in efforts to organize their community.

Equipping the church

As people attend church, FH works to equip church members with skills to help their community. Leadership and counseling training are given to pastors and congregations.

Reaching the lost

As churches are empowered to serve their community, people come to know Christ’s love. Churches help to transform the community by building trust and offering assistance.