Through education support programs, Food for the Hungry promotes education and teaches youth about HIV/AIDS, hygiene and sanitation, proper nutrition, God’s love and the importance of continuing their studies. In addition, FH provides children with school uniforms, supplies, tuition and facilitates the construction of school buildings and community projects that enable children to travel to school safely.

New school fence increases attendance

NICARAGUA—FH assisted a Nicaraguan school to increase attendance. FH worked with the community to build a school fence, provided school supplies and taught families the importance of education. Children began going and staying in school to complete their grades.

How we work

Relationships with families

Through home visits, FH staff teaches parents the value of their children’s education. Parents start sending their children to school and participate in supporting schools.

Creating vision

FH works with schools and leaders of the community to facilitate construction of new classrooms or buildings, provide school supplies and promote the importance of higher education.

A future without poverty

Children are encouraged to complete elementary, high school and continue on to college. Children become professionals, leaving poverty behind, and bringing expertise to their community.