Income Generation

As Food for the Hungry walks with the poor to bring about sustainable change, beneficiaries learn to increase their income generation. Farmers develop their lands to produce more crops. Mothers learn skills, like chicken farming, sewing or making chocolate candies, to start a local business. As individuals and families develop their God-given potential and become self-sustaining, entire villages are transformed physical and spiritually.

Peru chocolate

PERU—In Lima, Fely and her family had financial troubles and other problems that often caused fights. FH counseled the family to improve communication. Fely also learned how to make chocolate candies to sell for income. Her family now strives to find peaceful solutions to problems.

How we work

Training impoverished people

FH works with and trains community members in village savings and loan groups. Members learn management, marketing, income generation and natural resource management.

Starting a business

FH works with schools and leaders of the community to facilitate construction of new classrooms or buildings, provide school supplies and promote the importance of higher education.

Income transforms community

As individual families increase their income, they contribute their blessings to help their community. Children grow up in a unified, self-sustaining community, as God intended.