Food for the Hungry and the poor partner to build projects that create accessible drinking and irrigation water. FH and impoverished communities also build sanitation systems to keep water clean and decrease disease. Whether the project is an individual well or a massive irrigation system, FH works to bring water to poor communities for increased health.

Irrigation changes economy

BOLIVIA—FH and the United States Agency for International Development partnered to build an irrigation system that covered more than 1,000 acres in the department of Potosi. It provided 95 percent of families living in the area with drinking and irrigation water for crops. This increased families’ income.

How we work

Finding a solution

FH forms water committees in communities to empower the poor to create a solution to their water problems. FH experts advise in finding and maintaining clean water.

Working together

Communities invest in labor and resources to help dig, build and maintain wells and other water sources. This ensures that a community takes ownership in maintaining water sources.

Clean water

Committees are trained on how to upkeep water systems, so future generations can enjoy clean, drinkable water. The result is accessible water that increases good health.