Food for the Hungry (FH) started working in Burundi in agriculture, food security and medical supply distribution. Since then, FH continues to focus its efforts on child development and other areas. Click on the icons to read more of how FH is working in Burundi.

Regional map of Burundi

Burundi Facts

Kirundi, French, and Swahili
High mortality rate for children age 5 and under
180,000 people living with HIV/AIDS
39 percent of children under age 5 are underweight

Our Work in Burundi


You, FH and partners are working with Burundi farmers, turning marshlands into vegetable farms and connecting coffee bean farmers to markets, helping 2,850 people improve income and nutrition.

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FH and partners are working with parents to improve child nutrition for children under age 2 helping more than 49,555 people. FH is also deworming more than 3 million children in partnership with the Burundi government.

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Income Generation

You’re helping more than 740 people earn food vouchers for doing projects to prevent soil erosion and reforest land.  While 187 people were helped through small livestock programs to increase income.

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