Democratic Republic of Congo (DR Congo)

Food for the Hungry (FH) started working in DR Congo in 1995 to assist unaccompanied refugee children. Since the early 1990s, civil war has ravaged DR Congo. During the war, many women were raped as a strategic war tactic. Thousands of kidnapped children served as soldiers, making up 47 percent of the deaths from war. Now, the country is rebuilding itself. FH is providing emergency needs and working toward restoring destroyed livelihoods. Click on icons to read more about how FH works in DR Congo.

Regional map of Democratic Republic of Congo (DR Congo)

Democratic Republic of Congo (DR Congo) Facts

French, Lingala, Kingwana and Kikongo
554,000 children under age 5 die each year
2 million people are displaced due to civil war
High number of abused and raped women and children as a result of war

Our Work in Democratic Republic of Congo (DR Congo)


More than 50,000 farmers were taught agricultural practices for improving crop yields and connected to markets. Grain storage and seed production facilities were built to help production.

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Mothers were taught nutrition and hygiene practices in care groups for improving health in 47,641 households.

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Income Generation

You helped FH create 600 savings groups benefitting approximately 12,000 people to save money and have access to loans for small income-generating ventures.

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You’re helping FH to create irrigation, 270 clean water sites and 60 latrines to improve water and sanitation for communities.

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