Food for the Hungry (FH) started working in Guatemala in 1976 after an earthquake killed more than 22,000 people and left 1 million without homes. Since then, Guatemala has faced many natural disasters and economic challenges. FH is working to keep children in school and building healthy communities. Click on icons to read more about how FH works in Guatemala.

Regional map of Guatemala

Guatemala Facts

Guatemala City
Spanish and Amerindian languages
2.7 million Guatemalans are affected by food insecurity
43 percent of Guatemalan children under age 5 suffer from chronic malnutrition
47 percent of Guatemalans don’t have consistent access to drinking water

Our Work in Guatemala


Last year, 673 people learned farming and irrigation techniques for growing crops in difficult conditions.

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Last year, 58 pastors received training in leadership to expand their ministry. 2,093 children attended children’s ministries. 1,403 adults attended church services.

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Last year, 7,145 children received assistance to stay in school. 1,427 teenagers received assistance to pursue secondary education or vocational training.

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Nutrition improved for 7,145 children through FH health programs.

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Income Generation

90 people attended savings groups. Construction projects helped 25 people in creating income generating opportunities.

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Last year, 2,250 people benefited from FH clean water programs, such as water source conservation.

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