In 2015, Food for the Hungry began working in India after two exploratory visits revealed the desperate need among the Banchada people whose primary livelihood included the age-old tradition of selling their daughters into prostitution. With the HIV/AIDS population sitting at about 50% of all Banchada sex workers, the people there are in need of vocational training, education and hope. Click on icons to read more about how FH works in India.

Regional map of India

India Facts

New Delhi
Hindi, English
43.5% of children under 5 are under weight, which is the highest in the world.
Depending on the source, between 360 and 456 million people are estimated to be living below the poverty line, which is well above the total population of the United States.

Our Work in India


FH works to establish value based education opportunities for Banchada children, as 60% don’t attend school. FH also is involved in the success of a local hostel that houses over 50 girls keeping them out prostitution.

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FH works to provide HIV/AIDS prevention, support and care for Banchada community. According to the Human Rights Commission report of Banchada sex workers, 50% were HIV positive.

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Income Generation

FH works to train the Banchada community in income diversification as most of the women are traditionally forced into prostitution at the age of 12.

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