Since 1987, Food for the Hungry (FH) has worked in Mozambique to help the poor. From 1997 to 2007, in the Sofala province, FH focused on agriculture, savings groups, health and other areas. One of FH’s more successful programs was using care groups to teach mothers healthy practices, like breastfeeding and treating malaria, to help newborns survive. In some communities, this decreased child mortality by 62 percent. FH also teaches about HIV/AIDS prevention and how to care for those living with HIV/AIDS. Click on icons to see how FH is working with Mozambique communities.

Regional map of Mozambique

Mozambique Facts

Portuguese and Emakhuwa
High infant mortality rate
71 percent of the rural population don’t have access to clean water
1.4 million Mozambicans are living with HIV/AIDS

Our Work in Mozambique


Helping 47,630 farmers and their families to produce better crop yields to feed their families and increase food security.

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FH partnered with Vox United to train water mechanics in three districts to repair and rehabilitate 34 broken wells benefitting 21,030 people.

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Giving HIV/AIDS prevention, support and care to 12,841 people. Educating 5,000 mothers to decrease malnutrition using cell phones.

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Increasing biblical knowledge and community leadership among pastors.

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Income Generation

Increasing income opportunities for women through education.

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Improving learning environments for children and increasing literacy among adults and children.

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