Syria and Middle East

Food for the Hungry (FH) has been partnering locally in the Syrian and larger Middle East region since 2013 to help victims of war stay home or close to their families, therefore avoiding the need to flee to dangerous and sometimes hostile lands. FH has staff on the ground and is working to bring resources, international expertise, standards and experience to the refugee crisis. FH’s primary partner, the Lebanese Society for Education and Social Development, works through local churches across Lebanon, Syria, and Iraq to meet vital needs of vulnerable families with monthly food aid, winterizations, water, and education. Click on icons to read more about how FH works in the Middle East.

Regional map of Syria and Middle East

Syria and Middle East Facts

Damascus (Syria), Baghdad (Iraq) and Beirut (Lebanon)
Syria: 13.5 million people in need of humanitarian assistance, including 4.5 million people located in hard to reach areas
Iraq: 3.2 million internally displaced, and 8.6 million in critical need of humanitarian assistance; 400,000 refugees in the region.
Lebanon: over 1 million Syrian refugees are registered in Lebanon

Our Work in Syria and Middle East


Through a network of local church partners, thousands of families are receiving monthly assistance in food, and critical non-food items, such as hygiene kits, stoves, blankets, and emergency lights.

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A school catering to 300 Syrian refugee children has been established in Lebanon, along with several Child Friendly Spaces throughout Syria and Lebanon that provide a safe and healthy environment.

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Through the local church network, families in Lebanon and Syria are receiving water access through construction of wells.

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