Help save lives in the aftermath of Tropical Storm Isaac

Partner with Food for the Hungry to help people living in Haiti and the Dominican Republic after Tropical Storm Isaac delivered 12 inches of rain on August 24.

CARIBBEAN: On August 24, Tropical Storm Isaac demolished crops and flooded homes in the Dominican Republic and Haiti. Now many communities are facing hunger with their food and income sources destroyed.

Also, floods have isolated people and left them vulnerable to diseases, such as cholera. You can help affected communities by partnering with Food for the Hungry’s emergency response unit as they help these communities survive this disaster.

We're distributing life-saving supplies to accessible communities and assessing how to best help in the coming days. Please pray for these survivors, as many are still suffering from the aftermath of the 2010 earthquake in Haiti and living in poverty, both Haiti and the Dominican Republic.

“Pray for safety and security for Haitians,” said Bekele Hankebo, FH/Haiti Country Director. “They have been through so much. Pray for strength. Continue praying for resources. This is a tragedy but we know God is in control. We pray for God’s wisdom, for good leadership.”


Tropical Storm Isaac left a wake of destruction in Haiti and the Dominican Republic, causing flooding and destroying crops. FH is distributing life-saving supplies and assessing communities to best assist them. Your donation to the emergency fund will help Haiti, DR, and other areas in need.

NEEDS: Please give to provide life-saving items and assistance to storm survivors.


What you can do


Please pray for FH staff and vulnerable people in Haiti and the Dominican Republic.


You can help provide life-saving emergency supplies to FH’s emergency response team.


Use your Facebook and Twitter to ask people to pray for Haiti and the Dominican Republic.