HungerFast Ends--Thank You for Joining Us!

A message from Dave Evans, U.S. President of Food for the Hungry:

On behalf of Food for the Hungry, I want to thank you for your participation in the recent HungerFast and report some exciting news from that event.  As you know, Food for the Hungry became one of the organizational sponsors of the HungerFast (for a reminder of the goals of the HungerFast visit:  Many chose to participate, in one form or another, in the prayer and fasting that took place.  I am thrilled to report that the results of the HungerFast were absolutely amazing.

Over 40,000 people joined in the HungerFast, including over 30 members of the U.S. Congress.  The testimonies that came back from people who participated were great reminders of the grace of God and the glory that He received throughout this process.  Last week, Lucas Koach, Food for the Hungry Director of Public Policy, and I attended a celebration in Washington DC to mark the end of the HungerFast.  We were blessed to hear of the good things accomplished, the lives changed, and the impact on foreign aid funding in the federal budget for fiscal year 2011.

You may recall that the HungerFast was originally called in response to the US House of Representatives proposed budget cuts of 40% to foreign aid.  Aid that goes to help the poorest of the poor (disaster victims, HIV/AIDS affected, food insecure, etc.).  Well, God did a miracle.  The final cuts to foreign aid that affect the poorest were very tiny and will have no material effect on Food for the Hungry’s programs for the remainder of this fiscal year (5 months).  In one case, funding for the Office of Foreign Disaster Assistance, there was even a $20M increase in funding to assist disaster victims.

In the celebration event last week, many testified that they felt that God had indeed moved on our behalf and the behalf of the poorest of the poor. We believe that to be true and want to thank each of you for standing in the gap on behalf of the most vulnerable.  And we want to encourage you to remain vigilant in praying that the original proposed cuts will not be re-introduced during the process of negotiation that is taking place now regarding next year’s budget. 

Thanks and God bless,

Dave Evans

U.S. President, Food for the Hungry

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