Breaking the cycle of poverty

In Bangladesh, these children are staying in school because their mothers learned to earn income in savings groups.

I live in Phoenix. This time of the year, temperatures reach 110 degrees and above. It feels like an oppressive heat that won’t let up.

So, this past weekend, I jumped in my car and took a drive out of town. Within two hours, I was in the mountains, feeling cool temperatures and breaking the cycle of brutal heat.

Two days later, as I drove back down the mountainside, I thought of the people we work with all over the world.

Not only do many of them live in harsh climates—like lands prone to drought, flooding or earthquakes—but the oppression of poverty is something they can’t just drive away from or even get a break.

They don’t have our freedom of choices.

Food for the Hungry (FH) works with people in the most severe forms of poverty. These are people who find themselves without hope as their suffering continues daily, year after year.  But there is hope in God’s plan for these people. And it could include you.

Savings groups inspire hope

In Bangladesh, FH runs savings groups to teach women how to save their money together. This way, they’ll save more money than they ever could on their own.

The group also provides low-interest loans from the pooled savings to members. Members can then buy something to improve their income, like a cow that provides milk for better nutrition for their kids and extra milk to sell for income. The savings groups also teach women skills in reading, math, law and other needed areas to end poverty in their lives.

One woman in Bangladesh wanted to get into a savings group. She said that if she could get into a group, then she could get a loan to open a little market. From the market, she would make enough income to send her children to school. It was the only way she could see to break the cycle of poverty in her life and her children’s lives.

At the time, we didn’t have enough staff to start another group. But as gifts from people like you continue to come in, we can create more savings groups for these women who need it.

Child sponsorship helps end poverty

In Guatemala, this little girl is learning to break the cycle of poverty.

I recently visited Guatemala and met a woman and her child. The work FH was doing in that Guatemalan community through child sponsorship meant that little girl would grow up to be healthy, educated and confident of God’s love for her.

Her mother was excited, because she could see the poverty cycle ending. I’m excited to go back to that community in ten years and see how children have grown into educated community leaders. These children will have the skills to end poverty for themselves and the next generation.

These valuable people are finding hope through your generosity and care. It’s true. Without your partnership, we cannot break this cycle of poverty.

With your help, you’re expanding the freedom of the poor to have healthier options to their problems. Please pray to ask God how you fit into His plan of hope for suffering people. And you can also assist the poor through a generous donation right now. May God bless you.  And I thank you for helping desperate people to find hope and freedom.