Work hard, do your schoolwork, chase your dreams

Blog post by FH blogger Allison Vesterfelt

After a full day of travel, Darrell and I arrived safely last night to our accommodations in Alta Verapaz, Guatemala. We’re traveling this week with an organization we love called Food for the Hungry and are really excited to witness first hand what they’re doing in the communities here. Also, we get to meet the child we sponsor!

Last night we were able to hear, over dinner, from one of the FH staff members in Guatemala. She told us about being a sponsored child herself when she was young, and how much it meant to her, not just that someone provided the finances she needed to go to school, but also that her sponsor family would urge her to keep up with her schoolwork, work hard, and chase her dreams. They also reminded her that she was valuable, worthy and loved by God.

Those words changed her life, she told us.

Now she is able to bring the change to communities just like the one where she grew up; and she is leading people like us into these communities to show us what FH is doing there, and to introduce us to kids we’re sponsoring, just like her. I can’t wait to see what will unfold here in the next couple of days, and I can’t wait to look our sponsor child in the face and tell him he is valuable, worthy and loved by God.

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Allison Vesterfelt is an FH blogger who is a writer, managing editor of Prodigal Magazine and author of Packing Light: Thoughts on Living Life with Less Baggage (Moody, 2013). She lives in Minneapolis, Minnesota with her husband Darrell.