Homes for Syrian Refugees

photo oneAccording to the most recent United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR) report there are now more than 2.5 million Syrian refugees displaced from their homes, with 936,861 Syrian refugees in Lebanon and 577,786 in Jordan.

With bombings and chemical warfare happening in civilian Syrian communities, the majority of these refugees have lost loved ones and their homes, with nothing to return to. Many left with only a bag of clothing, running for their lives into the surrounding foreign lands.

Now living in countries that don’t have the infrastructure to support them with housing, food and other supplies, many Syrian refugees are living in overcrowded situations, like Yousef. Yousef and his 21 relatives fled Syria to live in a three-bedroom apartment in Sidon, Lebanon.

Other refugees, like the Hawas family, are living in the remnants of an abandoned barn. The mother of the family said she felt afraid to live in such a remote area, facing unknown attacks or what to do if her children become ill.

Many other refugees are living in severe conditions, in tent cities made up of flimsy plastic, without sanitation, clean water, heat and bedding. The cold winter is making it very difficult for infants, the elderly and those suffering from illness to survive.

With Integral Alliance, Food for the Hungry (FH) is working to serve these refugees as they live through a cold winter.

Through two local church partners inside Syria, FH is providing food rations, medical assistance and winter supplies for 3,700 families (22,200 individuals) every month.

By working through 18 churches and other Integral Alliance partners in Lebanon, FH is providing food to approximately 2,600 families (15,600 individuals) on a monthly basis. These families are still in need of further  winter supplies of food, blankets, mattresses and stoves.

Through working with one of the local churches in the Bekaa, FH helped to start a school for 200 children from kindergarten to sixth grade. In the afternoons, they have literacy classes for other children.

Syrian refugees continue to need our help, especially the most vulnerable facing harsh winter temperatures. Please consider joining FH’s work to continue to help these refugees as they journey to start new lives in foreign countries.