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Visiting Your Sponsored Child

blog 2A recent turn of events resulted in you going on a sudden trip to Kenya. Your sponsored child lives in Kenya. You think to yourself how wonderful would it be to see your child.

You call Food for the Hungry’s (FH) customer service line to ask if it would be possible to meet your sponsored child. The answer is a very enthusiastic, “Yes!”

Once you have planned out and confirmed the details of your personal trip (your flight and itinerary), it’s time call our friendly and knowledgeable sponsor visit coordinator. Our coordinator would prefer at least eight weeks for her to help plan your visit, but she can organize a visit even if your trip is an unexpected one.

Meeting My Sponsored Child

Helping you plan your visit is a very exciting time for you, and also for us! When you meet your sponsored child, you get to be inspired and help your child to see his or her value.

As we help arrange a time and day for you to visit your child and their family, we do have guidelines that must be followed by visitors and a few forms that will need to be signed.  Our coordinator will guide you through the process.

blog 4How Do I Prepare?

Whether this is your first overseas trip or you’re a seasoned traveler, be ready to see a different side of the world. Be accepting and respectful of the local laws, customs and culture.

New Experiences: Be ready to experience some discomforts. Because we serve areas far from the airport or main cities, transportation can get tricky. The drive at times can be anywhere from three hours to 12 hours and up.

In order to help with culture shock, read up on the country’s customs. Even though you will have a staff member who will translate for you, feel free to learn a few phrases of the local language to communicate with your child personally.

Mementos from Home: Take pictures of your family with you. With today’s technology, you can also take a video message from your family.

Gifts: You are able to take small items to your sponsored child.  Keep gifts simple and small in order to prevent jealousy and tension in the community, because not only will you be greeted by your child and their family, but by other members and children of the community. Some examples of small gifts are school supplies, coloring books, hot wheels, nerf sports balls or a doll. Most of all be ready to see the work God is doing through Food for the Hungry!

blogWill My Visit Make an Impact?

Your visit will have more of an impact than you can ever imagine! Lives and perceptions will be changed!

Your child will finally get to meet the person who has been writing to them and praying for them. Your visit can keep your child as well as other children in school and motivated. Your visit reminds them that even though the world is big, and they are small, their lives matter. They are special.

You will be able to see the change your sponsorship has made in your child’s community and this will impact you as well! We have had sponsors not only change their worldview, but change career paths through sponsor visits.

In the customer service center, we have the privilege of hearing many wonderful stories from sponsors who have visited their sponsored child. Many of their experiences are shared in our sponsor impact blogs.

We would love to help you with your story, so if you are planning to visit the country your child lives in give us a call. Visiting your sponsored child is an experience you will not regret or forget! Together, we are changing lives!