Child Sponsorship Helps Burn Victim

Santha, a Bangladeshi girl, was able to get lifesaving treatment after she survived a house fire.

Santha, a Bangladeshi girl, was able to get lifesaving treatment after she survived a house fire.

Did you know child sponsorship helps provide medical attention to your child and other children? Many of us take medical care for granted.

When flu season approaches, many of us flock to the doctor to get vaccinations. When our allergies kick in, we head to the nearest pharmacy to get some allergy medicine. When we break a bone or burn ourselves, we rush to the emergency room.

We expect to receive effective treatments that will make our illness, pain and discomfort go away.

But what if we were barely scraping by to feed ourselves and our families? And we lived in a place where medical assistance wasn’t offered without a fee. We’d be forced to make difficult decisions about food, health care and other basic needs. This is what many of the communities that FH works with in child sponsorship face year after year.

The truth of the matter is that nearly half of the world lives on less than $2.50 a day. If you and I pause to consider what this looks like for much of the world, our perspectives would be changed.

Often I hear people talking about poverty. I hear how many of us have so much with items that go so far beyond basic needs for food, water and shelter. In many ways, we can barely imagine the daily struggles of true physical poverty that many children who need child sponsorship face.

Santha is a little girl in Bangladesh who was severely burned in a house fire. Her family was unable to afford the necessary treatment for her. Santha was in critical condition. Because Food for the Hungry is partnered with her community in child sponsorship, her family was able to take her to the hospital for treatment.

Her burns have been healing well, without infection. She is now able to extend her legs and begin walking again.

Food for the Hungry is able to make healthcare available and affordable to families because of child sponsors like you. When you sponsor a child through Food for the Hungry, you are funding child sponsorship programs that save lives otherwise likely to be lost to preventable and treatable causes.

It’s a big deal. Especially to the families and communities that see such glorious healing in their children. As a community sees these changes in their children, a shift in thinking and practice promotes finding solutions to help all children – so poverty won’t always determine whether a child can get life-saving treatment.

Your monthly commitment to sponsor children like Santha funds projects that save lives and offer long-term and sustainable solutions. Your encouragement to your sponsored child is invaluable, but the blessings you heap onto others is much larger even than that. As Easter Sunday approaches, remember you and I are blessed to be blessings.