Humbled by Coffee Growers

Gary Edmonds, Food for the Hungry President/CEOSince accepting the position of President and CEO of Food for the Hungry (FH), I have been eager to hear and learn about the opportunities and challenges of our fields. In early November,  my wife, Tricia, and I had the honor and privilege to join the incredible leadership of our Latin America and Caribbean fields at their regional conference in the Dominican Republic (DR).

I am completely humbled by the excellence and faithfulness of these leaders, and know that they are just a sampling of the incredible skill, experience, intellect and passion of the 2000 staff that comprise the FH ministry.

After the Regional Conference, I joined several other leaders on a visit to some of our program sites along the border of the Dominican Republic and Haiti.

This is what it is all about! Having the courage to go to the hard places. Walking with the most vulnerable. Developing solutions to the issues that prevent their families and communities from thriving.

With delight and wonder, I visited the impoverished community of Totoye, Haiti. A Ugandan staff member, Patrick, is working alongside farmers to help them grow high-quality coffee and sell it in the U.S. Imagine this relationship of Haitans, Dominicans, a Ugandan and Americans working together for the betterment of the poor. God must be smiling down on this relationship.

I was full of joy and encouragement following my time in the DR and Haiti.

As this blog post is being published, I’ve crossed the ocean to join our FH brothers and sisters at the Africa Regional Conference in Kigali, Rwanda. I’ll report on that trip in a later post.

As you continue to get to know me — and as I travel around the world in order to deepen my understanding of this powerful ministry — let me leave you with this verse from God’s word:

How good and pleasant it is when brothers and sisters dwell together in unity…
For there the Lord commands his blessings, even life forevermore.
—Psalm 133