Getting By During Lean Months in Ethiopia

Awotu's family

Meet Awotu Kegne.

She is a 29-year-old mother of five children who lives in Sekota district of Amhara Region, Ethiopia. She and her husband live on subsistence farming. Unfortunately, Sekota is one of the drought-prone districts of the region, and the land is mountainous and highly-degraded with little topsoil. According to Awotu, her village hasn’t had enough rain to grow food for the last two years. During the last harvest season they got only 331 pounds of produce from their field. This amount isn’t even enough to feed a family of eight for two months. As a result, her husband was forced to travel to larger cities in search of masonry labor work.

More than five thousand people need emergency food distribution for the coming five to six months, including Awotu’s family. In Ethiopia, Food for the Hungry (FH) works in collaboration with the Organization for Rehabilitation and Development of Amhara (ORDA), to distribute emergency food assistance to the people in the district. This distribution began in February of this year.

Awotu said, “I received 165 pounds of wheat, 16.5 pounds of pulse and 5.5 pounds of cooking oil from the FH/ORDA food distribution center. This will help us to feed our children at least for a month and [they] can go to school. Otherwise the whole family might migrate to big cities for search of labor work to feed the family and children could drop their education.”

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