Walking With Refugees

The refugee.

They are amongst the most vulnerable, most abandoned, and most forgotten people in the world.

They are the silent result of loud, violent and intrusive conflicts.

They are the millions of hushed voices desiring peace in the midst of war and injustice.

God’s heart weeps for the refugee. And as Christians, ours does too.

Today there are an estimated 51.2 million refugees around the world. They are people who have been forced to flee their homes and communities due to conflict, lack of food, or various other types of danger. They have chosen life on the road, in foreign lands, away from family, and without a certain future because it is safer than staying in their own lands.

Food for the Hungry (FH) engages with the refugee wherever we can. We see it as part of God’s call on our ministry to walk with the most vulnerable. Thus we seek to walk with the refugee wherever there is need.

Currently, FH works with partners to respond to the worsening refugee crisis in Burundi. It is estimated over 100,000 people are fleeing the national conflict for the borders of Rwanda and Tanzania in the lead up to a controversial presidential election.

FH is also active with supporting Syrian and Iraqi refugees fleeing the atrocities of ISIS and regional conflict through the I Am Your Voice campaign.

As an organization dedicated to helping the world’s most vulnerable people thrive, we are called to love and invite the refugee into places of safety and solace.

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As we approach World Refugee Day on June 20th, please pray for the refugees around the world. And consider walking with Food for the Hungry, as together we walk with the refugee.

Help Burundi refugees | Help Syrian and Iraqi refugees

Photo credit: Eleanor Bentall/Tearfund

Photo credit: Eleanor Bentall/Tearfund