A Divine Appointment in Kenya

This blog is written by guest writer, Penny Husted-Gamm. Penny  is an award-winning photographer who has been a long-time supporter of Food for the Hungry and an advocate for the poor and suffering.

Have you ever been humbled by your lack of trust in God? You fret and worry because you have to provide, or else it won’t get done? God humbled me and showed His faithfulness and power while my husband and I were on a mission trip in Kenya with Food for the Hungry (FH).

IMG_0155Together with 10 other trip members, we trekked halfway across the world to Nairobi, Kenya. We would be teaching Vacation Bible School for children, installing water storage containers, visiting FH sponsored children, and conducting a medical clinic. As we got to know our team members, we realized we had a glaring void in our talent pool: no medical professionals. While my husband, Troy, and I found this alarming, our trip leader seemed unfazed. This didn’t stop us from pestering her: Who’s going to examine the patients? Who will prescribe the medicine? What’s our plan? We fretted. We worried. There was just no way for us to pull this off if we didn’t find a solution soon!

Trust God

If only we’d taken a cue from our leader, and trusted God. If only we truly knew the value of turning everything over to Him. One day, while finishing up our Vacation Bible School for the day, two young white women walked by the church compound and called out to us. Being some of the only white people they’d seen in days, they wanted to know who we were and what we were doing. Our group chatted with them about FH’s projects and our plans for a medical clinic. Their eyes lit up as they explained that they were medical residents from Britain spending the year in Kenya as part of their residency service project. After learning that we had no medical personnel to run our clinic, they eagerly asked if they could help. I wanted to grab them right then and hold them tight until medical clinic day!

IMG_0311I would be lying if I said I didn’t fret and worry a bit the day of the medical clinic. After all, these were just two random girls that we knew very little about; how could we be sure they would actually show up? Because they had a divine appointment, that’s how, and that’s what I now know. They did show up. They served hundreds of community members, prescribing antibiotics and de-worming medication and even diagnosing DVT, a potentially fatal condition. Our clinic went off without a hitch. And not because of our efforts. All that fret and worry and pestering did nothing to bring those medical residents to our clinic. God brought them. God knew our need and He provided. I humbly learned that rarely will God have a nice straight line from point A to point B; he draws out our faith by surprising us with the ways He provides. Just like He did when He brought those two young British residents past our church compound in an outlying slum of Nairobi.


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