Abandoned Kids ... It's not OK!

It’s not OK for any child to be abandoned — left alone in the world.

But it happens. Especially in Africa.

A family, strangled by poverty, struggles to find enough food. Then disease kills the dad. Then the mom dies too.

The eldest child of the family — possibly just 10 or 12 years old — is suddenly an orphan, and left to care for the little ones. It’s not OK that a child has to try to “parent” his siblings.

It happened to Shambel — he was only 6 years old when his parents died — leaving a sibling to care for him and his brothers and sisters.

When you reach out to help orphans and abandoned children today, your online donation will be doubled in impact — and go twice as far to help save young lives.

Children like Shambel are barely surviving. Extremely vulnerable. At terrible risk. It’s excruciating.

But you can make it different …

The time is now. A friend of ours — seeing the urgent need of these extremely vulnerable children — has stepped forward with a critical $70,000 Matching Challenge. 

Every gift, up to the total of the Challenge, will be matched dollar-for-dollar, its impact doubled, to rush life-saving help to orphaned and vulnerable children across Africa.

We MUST meet the $70,000 goal in the next 40 days. This need is urgent. And it’s not OK that in the meantime children like Shambel are hungry … hurting … and alone.

Thank you in advance for being as generous as possible today. God bless you.

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