For as long as I can remember, the narrative of Africa has been synonymous with terms like, poverty, corruption, crisis, war, dictatorship and you name it.

Being African, I have seen the poverty, mind-crippling corruption, and the collapse of basic systems of government. I have been close to battlefields and seen masses explode into riot antics over menial issues, but I have also seen nations and cities rises from the ashes. I have seen children labeled as hopeless, now with hope and a real chance to a brighter future.

I recently learned about the hashtag, #TheAfricaTheMediaNeverShowsYou and thought to join in the conversation and share some images from countries where Food for the Hungry (FH) works in East Africa. Images that show a little more about these countries and steadily shift the conversation from grim to inviting.


Years of a senseless civil war by the Lords Resistance Army (LRA) in northern Uganda in the late 90s often cloud the beauty of this country labeled as “The Pearl of Africa” by Winston Churchill.

I spent a few months in Kitgum (northen Uganda) early this year and encountered great work by staff of the New Life Medical Center – a clinic run by FH and Blood Water Mission. Each month, thousands of patients stream through the clinic gates for quality healthcare. A daily bonus is that the sunrise and sunsets in Kitgum yield a full measure of reward, which comes in handy because the days are often extremely occupying.

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FH works in the marginalized northern districts of Kenya ensuring kids go to school and populations are kept healthy and livestock farmers gain access to markets. Due to the livestock markets, many farmers can now sell their animals at a good price and have money for educating their children and keeping them healthy.

These days, Kenya is commonly referred to as the gateway to East Africa. [tweet this]

The traffic-clogged capital city of Nairobi is also host to East Africa’s busiest airport – the Jomo Kenyatta International Airport. Nairobi is also the epicenter of a massive ICT wave sweeping across Africa.

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20 years since the Rwandan Genocide, Rwanda has managed to find it’s footing and place in the world. [Tweet this]

Kigali is one of the most beautiful cities in Africa. It’s also very clean and traffic free. This landlocked country is now a beacon of hope for many nations that have been through the same type of crises

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Just like Rwanda, this tiny landlocked country has also had her share of challenges. Even though small, the rolling hills of Burundi produce some of the finest specialty coffee. Step-by-step, the country is working to rebuild from a civil war that tore the country apart in the early 90s. Education and healthcare are at top of the development agenda.

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