4 Relationships That Will Make You Whole

We bounced down what served as a road for what seemed like a week—you could never have convinced my back that the drive took only a few hours. We arrived at a Haitian community in the Dominican Republic, and stepped across a creek, where something I didn’t want to identify floated past. A newborn puppy struggled nearby, its mother nowhere around. The sight tugged at my heart.

These are the kinds of roads you must travel to reach many of the world's most vulnerable people around the world.

These are the kinds of roads you must travel to reach many of the world’s most vulnerable people around the world.

A woman—who held a baby on her hip—invited us into her home. While our Food for the Hungry (FH) guide explained that we wanted to share her story with our donors, I surveyed the two-room house for photo potential. Vanity with mirror in one corner, next to a mattress on the dirt floor. Table in another corner, chairs and a few kitchen utensils hanging on the wall. Cloth drooping in a doorway to the next room.

How God Helped Me Reconcile 4 Vital Relationships

Haitian Woman and Baby

God used a Haitian woman and baby like this to begin my process of reconciling my 4 most important relationships.

Something spiritual happened the moment our Haitian hostess handed me her baby and disappeared behind the curtain. “She wants to comb her hair for the picture,” my guide said.

Since the age of 16, I knew what I most wanted was to be a mother. Months before that visit to the Dominican Republic, the doctor had delivered the crushing news that my dream was unlikely. I argued with God, shook my fists at Him, refused to give up.

But, while holding a Haitian baby in the Dominican Republic, I surrendered with a simple prayer: It’s okay, God. I’ll love children like this one. When I returned home, I learned that the day that holding a stranger’s baby helped me to finally accept God’s will for my life, my son’s heart began beating. That blessing, along with many others, has helped me feel whole.

During my years at FH, I’ve learned that there are four vital relationships that God designed for all humans. We can’t be whole with brokenness in any one of these relationships between:

  • You and God (spiritual) – God desires a relationship with you, even if you think you don’t deserve it.
  • You and other people (social) – God created us as social beings with the need to live in community.
  • You and God’s creation (physical) – God gave us humans the unique responsibility to care for the environment He created.
  • You and yourself (personal) – God created the human race in His image, meaning all individuals—every  child, man and woman—have inherent worth and dignity.

4 Relationships That Will Make You Whole DownloadReconciling these relationships is integral to the success of FH’s community transformation projects around the world. I want to help you renew any wounded or broken relationships you might be struggling with right now.

Download this free Bible study that can take you through the process. And I wrote a blog post for Kristin Welch of wearethatfamily.com that talks about how you can teach your children the same skills.

I’d love it if you used the comments section below, to share how God is showing these relationships to you.