5 Reasons Why Sponsoring a Child Will Improve Your Life


1.  Sponsoring a child will help to quiet that voice inside your head (or heart) that tells you to go out and help someone.

Can you hear it?  Something inside is telling you to do something. It’s not OK that children are suffering from hunger and preventable diseases. It’s not OK that they don’t have clean water. All kids should get a chance to go to school, to have shelter and to feel safe.  Although the problem of global poverty may be too big for you think about, sponsoring a child is a manageable way to join the fight to end poverty.

2.  While you are choosing a child to sponsor, you’ll get to look at hundreds of cute kid pictures.

You can go online to sponsor or maybe you’ll find FH at an event like a sagebrush sponsorship sundayconcert or festival. You will see so many sweet faces it will be a bit overwhelming to pick just one child to sponsor, knowing that many children will benefit from your support. You may want to sponsor a few kids in different countries and get a feel for how the program works in different places.

3.  You’ll get to write letters to encourage and inspire a child on the other side of the planet.RwandaRefugeeCamp (4 of 6)

When is the last time you inspired someone? Here is your chance to use words to encourage a child who really needs it!

4.  You’ll become an advocate for vulnerablephoto (1) children by telling others about your decision to sponsor a child with FH.

Just tell two people and see what happens. Or tell your social media world and ask them to let you know if they become a sponsor too.

5.  It will make you happy.

When you open your mailbox and find a letter from your sponsored child and there is a crinkled corner and a small clump of dirt stuck to the paper, you will know it’s real and you will know YOU are part of the team who is ending povertyMe and my sponsored child!