Her Glass Slippers

IMG_5298Isabelle has always been our princess. Of our six children, she loves dress up, makeup, shopping and pretending to be royalty. Her face beamed as she showed off her “glass slippers.” She had taken two plastic water bottles and a roll of packing tape and created shoes a princes would be proud of.

As she stood there, I thought of my recent trip to the Dominican Republic and the kids I saw running around without any shoes — or with their own homemade shoes. In many countries where Food for the Hungry serves, what Isabelle did as a part of her imagination is what kids have to do to even have shoes.

IMG_5304The shoes of their imagination are ones of comfort and support. Ones that keep their feet from dirty water.

Today is Black Friday, an unofficial shopping holiday in the United States. Many of us will be visiting stores or shopping online to discover gifts for our loved ones or strike deals for things we’ve needed to add to our homes. Today, I’ll be shopping for a few items for our house, trying to save a little money in our budget. I’ll also be shopping for a few items in the Food for the Hungry gift catalog.

Dominican Republic

Kids I met in the DR

Specifically, I’ll be buying shoes for children who don’t have any.

One of the most amazing programs that demonstrates Food for the Hungry’s work is our efforts to deworm the entire country of Burundi. You read that right: with the support of people like you, we’ve been able to work with Burundi’s Ministry of Health to treat over 3 million children twice each year.

These plastic shoes are an important tool to protect kids from intestinal worms. In many areas, kids are walking barefoot through dirty water and contracting parasites. These plastic shoes protect children from contracting intestinal worms before the need for deworming pills.

Today, my family will be taking some of my Black Friday savings to help kids have the shoes of their dreams. Will you join me?