13 Million Changed Lives in 2015

mother and new baby_friend of amyIt is hard to find a happy headline these days, isn’t it? Some bit of good news that supersedes all the sad stories.

In 2015, compassionate people like yourself helped serve more than 13 million of the world’s most vulnerable people through support of Food for the Hungry (FH). Together, we have contributed to over 13 million stories changed for the good!

What Makes Changed Lives?

Think about it.

For each child sponsored, each mother who received life-changing training on maternal health, each father who was granted an essential livestock animal… each beneficiary is now on track to tell a different story.

Instead of the story of the 13 year old girl who had to quit school in order to fetch water five miles away for her family, her story is now changing because she is able to get a full education!

Instead of the story of the mother who did not know how to care for her new born, leading to it become malnourished, her story is now different because she learned about the value of exclusive breastfeeding and her child is now strong and fully developing!

Instead of the man who lost his annual crop, and only source of income, due to the El Niño draught, his story is altered because of a livestock grant which now enables him to supplement his farming income with that of providing milk and other animals to his neighbors.

These are the stories that are changing for our friends all around the world. Storylines that have gone from desperation to dignity, helplessness to hope, frustration to eager anticipation. You are a part of changing these stories. Over 13 million of them! And while these NEW stories may not make the headlines, they are no less newsworthy!

Thank you for joining Food for the Hungry as we seek to end all forms of physical and spiritual poverty, through meaningful relationships, in the hardest places around the globe! As we each pursue God’s call, we look forward to your partnership to accomplish even more in 2016!