Peruvian Teacher Learns Her Own Lesson

Teacher in Peru

Blanca Luz Boza Cabrera has been teaching children and teenagers in the AMO after-school enrichment program with Food for the Hungry (FH) Peru for about 4 years. She used to be a primary school teacher. Now, as FH Peru staff, she has shown great professionalism, with a heart committed to her job, bringing her good results.

When she started her position at FH Peru, she was chosen to teach children with the sole purpose of strengthening their spiritual integrity. But since she started her new call, she’s experienced personal change as well.

“Despite having experience teaching children, at church, in subjects about Christian values, I was only there to teach, but not really feeling touched by the lessons. However, at FH Peru, things were totally different. Preparing my lessons became a real challenge because I really felt that God was speaking into my life and was transforming me. With the AMO program, I learned to be patient, not only with children, but with adults as well,” she says.

Thanks to this program, Blanca has improved her relationship with her family and brothers tremendously, becoming much closer to them. She feels very committed to her job because she noticed there have been many changes in her life, and she hopes the children she teaches experience the same, too.

Teacher in Peru

Blanca with children in the community where she works

“Thanks to God, the children I have in class are not aggressive as they used to be. Now they are kinder, nicer, they pray and teach their families the same things they learn in my class, and that makes me feel very happy. I strongly believe that visiting children is a very positive thing, because it’s a great way to reach all the family members. I believe parents should be more concerned about developing their children’s personalities oriented in Christian values because they need to form their Christian character with self- control, self-government and autonomy,” she says.

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