Peru Teacher Becomes Transformation Agent

Raul with little girl in Peru

In addition to teaching nutrition, Raul helps little ones and their mothers learn the basics of hygiene, like hand washing.

Raul Matamoros Huaman is 37 and never imagined that he would leave his job as a teacher to become a transformation agent in Food for the Hungry (FH) in Peru. In the highlands of Huancavelica, he dedicates each day to help families and leaders but never thought he would also transform by them.

A Calling to Teach Transformation

He knew four years ago that he had received a true calling to work with the most vulnerable people in his country. Since then he has learned what the real meaning of holistic poverty is.

“Before, I always believed that being poor was about not having money. However, I realized that it was more than that. I wasn’t a humanitarian person and was very selfish, thinking only about myself and never about others.

However, when he started working at FH, he started receiving training in FH’s vision, mission and values. He realized that his concept of poverty was totally wrong, and he became more interested in learning about biblical worldview  in order to do a much better job.

Raul Matamoros Huaman, 37, is a transformation agent in Peru

FH staff like Raul are prepared to show, not just tell, how to do things like planting a garden.

Raul’s job is to lead and guide mothers in the community so they can also become transformation agents. With Raul’s help,  families become more aware of the importance of having good eating habits, since one of the biggest problems Huancavelica faces is chronic malnutrition.

This job has filled him with satisfaction but also came with hard times. He’s been a witness of what these families have to go through every day. They have to deal with lack of food and economic problems among other issues. “I’ve personally gone through that,” Raul says.

It has been very hard for him to see the suffering of the people around him. By remembering his training on biblical worldview, and by doing the work-related devotionals that have given him spiritual strength, he has been able to keep going and advise families in the best way, in personal things and also in good nutrition.

“What I like the most about talking to families is the fact that I can pray and advise them in many ways. I not only get to talk to moms but to their husbands too, so they can also take part in the supervision of their children’s eating habits,” says Raul.

Teaching Transformation Leads to Personal Growth

He believes that his life has been transformed for the better. He is thankful for being given the opportunity to be part of the FH family and recognizes that he has developed many talents and continues learning a lot from the children, families and leaders from the community. This transformation causes a positive impact in his family, too, because he makes use of everything he has learned in FH.

Raul is proud of being a transformation agent and feels blessed to have experienced FH’s mutual transformation.