Family Garden Sows Hope in Guatemala

Every now and then, we experience life-altering events: a death of a loved one, a big move, a divorce. These changes can upset everything from daily life to health and livelihoods.

That’s what happened to Rutilia, a 36-year-old mother of two from Guatemala, when her husband passed away. Not only was she left to grieve the health of her husband, but she had to figure out how to provide for her family, as her husband had been the breadwinner.

Rutilla and family

“I harvest food for our daily consumption so my children will grow up healthy and nourished,” Rutilia said. “I also sell some vegetables for other expenses.”

She had no money for food or medical expenses for her oldest son, who suffers from a disease that affects his posture and causes extreme pain. She didn’t have skills or knowledge about agriculture or production. This combination left her feeling despondent.

Yet there was hope!

Frank picking vegetables.

Rutilia’s 6-year-old son Frank picks vegetables out of their family garden.

Rutilia started participating in Food for the Hungry (FH) programs in her community, and her life has never been the same. She learned to grow crops in a garden in her backyard, which provides healthy and nutritious food for her family. She is also able to sell some of the crops in the local market for income to help care for her son!

“It has been very difficult to face life without my husband,” Rutilia said. “But I thank God because FH trains us and provides projects and new ideas.”

Now, Rutilia is helping others in her community learn what she has learned by volunteering with FH to teach mothers with children under five how to garden.

Rutilia wants her children to grow up healthy, strong and to believe in the Lord. She says she appreciates the staff for showing her how to give her children that future.

You can help transform communities like Rutilia’s by going here.


Keyhole Garden

Want to learn how to grow nutritious vegetables on your property? We’ve prepared a free loadable with instructions on how to build, fill and maintain a keyhole garden. FH teaches people in many of our fields how to use these efficient designs to improve the health and wellbeing of their families.

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