The Best Letter I've Ever Received

Yesterday when I checked the mail, I saw one of my favorite things: a letter from my sponsored child, Aline. These letters are something I truly treasure. Aline is almost 17 years old and will be graduating high school in Burundi soon. Her favorite subject is math and she loves numbers and counting.

My sponsored child, Aline

My sponsored child, Aline

She says that she’s grateful for Food for the Hungry (FH) and that FH gave her the school materials and uniforms necessary to complete her education (in addition to helping her community construct the school building itself.)

This particular letter was an interesting one. Toward the end she mentioned that her parents have yet to join an FH savings group. I was initially disappointed to hear this, but what followed outweighed the disappointment.

Aline said she sees how important the group is to her neighbors and really wants her parents to join. She told me that she would focus on encouraging her parents because she wants her parents to know how good it feels to learn something, and see them experience the success she has with FH.

This means perspective is changing!

The fact that a 16-year-old girl wants to focus on saving and wants to help her parents learn how to manage money better means things are improving. When we change values like this, we are teaching children how to break the cycle of poverty.

This is my favorite letter I've ever received.

This is my favorite letter I’ve ever received.

I am so encouraged by her efforts to improve the lives of her family and to see where life takes her with her new education. Real life change is occurring in Burundi and across the globe. Praise God for this amazing development! But this is just the beginning. We must continue to work to educate communities on how to be healthy, to provide for themselves and their families. Aline wants her parents to learn to be self-sufficient and to be able to put food on the table every night. That strong desire means when she’s old enough, she’ll do the same.

This was my favorite letter I’ve received yet; this is why we do what we do.

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If you already sponsor a child, what is the best letter you’ve ever received from your sponsored child? Share some of your thoughts in the comment below.