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Children are the most vulnerable when violence, famine, or disaster strikes. But you can be there for them with your additional pledge of $7 per month!

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Striking Out Poverty in the Dominican Republic

Baseball is widely known and accepted as the American pastime. This sport has a long history of being synonymous with summer and barbecues, burning the memories of easygoing times, hot dogs and Cracker Jacks in our minds. These pieces of Americana stretch far outside the borders of the United States. Baseball impacts generations of kids growing up in other parts of the world.

The Dominican Republic (D.R.) has a long-standing connection to baseball. Ninety five major league players on this year’s roster call the D.R. home. They send more players to the MLB than any other foreign country. With kids there growing up playing games like Vitilla with brooms and water bottle caps, it’s evident that they have a passion for baseball.

Baseball is not only raising up the next generation of professional players, but it is also instilling hope and inspiring children to be leaders. This affects entire communities.

However, the D.R. is also home to many communities filled with people who are struggling to meet basic needs.

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Photo by Daniel C. White

Through Striking Out Poverty and our mutual love of baseball, Food for the Hungry proudly partners with MLB teams, players and fans to provide direct relief to nine vulnerable communities in the Dominican Republic. Striking Out Poverty consists of nine innings. Each inning represents one community in the D.R. that faces unimaginable hardship.

We sat down with leaders in each of these nine communities and discovered their most pressing needs. They all fell into four categories, and so we’re working to address these needs with tangible solutions.


We’re building community centers, libraries and schools to lift the vulnerable out of poverty through education. These community centers will serve as places for educational programming, leadership meetings, vocational training, and disaster shelters. They will act as a vital part of the community, offering access to life-changing resources and education.


We’re providing new water sources that will give children access to clean water. This will reduce growth stunting and water-borne illnesses. Because children will have access to proper hygiene and sanitation, they won’t face illness from contaminated water, which allows them to stay in school.


When children are healthy, they can stay in school and thrive. So, we’re providing deworming medication and healthcare that saves lives.


We’re also providing agriculture training that will help farmers produce better crops and therefore more income for their families. When families are better equipped to care for the needs of their children, the generational cycle of poverty ends.

We need you!

Baseball in the Dominican Republic

Photo by Daniel C. White

Get involved in Striking Out Poverty by:

  1. Share: Help spread the word about Striking Out Poverty by sharing this link on your social media channels.
  2. Donate: You can donate $10 or more to any particular inning and community that you like. We will end poverty in the Dominican Republic if we all give a little.
  3. Sponsor: You can change a life by choosing to sponsor a child in the Dominican Republic. For $35 per month, you’ll give a child access to education, healthcare, water and hope.


You can read more about Striking Out Poverty, the communities and the solutions here.

There is a direct relationship between a sport that promotes hope and the overall health of the community.

We want to see baseball end poverty in the Dominican Republic.