Helping Children Near and Far


Helping Children Near and Far

Hearing the statement, “Let’s end poverty together,” can be daunting to take on as just one person. Ending poverty is a massive undertaking; add in the demands of everyday life, and it is easy to question how you can possibly help. However, people like Sarah Bonham show us that we can all make a difference in our own unique way.

Helping Children - Sarah Bonham Photo

Pairing Passion with Action

In every area of her life, Sarah strives to use her gift of encouragement to benefit others. This determination has allowed her to speak into lives near and far throughout the years. She started pairing her passion with action while she was still in school.

In college, many students’ minds are wrapped around thoughts of where their next dose of caffeine will come from or passing their classes. Sarah had another thought on her mind: “How can I uniquely fill the needs right in front of me?” Of all the places, the answer to this question came about at a concert.

While at a Leeland show, Sarah learned about Child Sponsorship through Food for the Helping Children - Sponsored ChildHungry (FH). Among a table full of pictures of children from all over the world, she spotted the photo of 11-year-old Sarahah from Indonesia. Becoming a child sponsor would mean going out less throughout the month, but this fact added value to the opportunity for Sarah. After receiving letters from Sarahah, Sarah realized the two of them had many similarities. For one, they both went by Sarah. Moreover, she could identify with Sarahah’s love of creative projects and her need for extra encouragement in school. She was excited to contribute to meeting Sarahah’s basic needs, as well as helping her to stay motivated through her challenges in school.

Only the Start…

Child sponsorship was just the beginning of Sarah’s path of serving others. Now that she is no longer in school, she works at a nonprofit music school as an administrative assistant and music teacher. The school provides music lessons for children from low-income families. It is also the school where Sarah learned to play the violin. This is her way of helping children in her own community who might not otherwise have had the opportunity to grow their musical talents. When she is not at work, she spends time writing her blog and is frequently a guest star on a popular YouTube channel, Blimey Cow.

It is evident that Sarah is continuously looking for ways to contribute to ending poverty. When we all use our creative and unique abilities to serve others in need, together we truly can end poverty. Sarah’s words of advice for those looking for a place to start are, “Use whatever talent you have; that’s the way you should be helping.”

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